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Your input is important to us. Please provide your valuable feedback. Here are some testimonials from our clients:

Thank you for the great work you did in turning my lengthy CV into a professionally looking resume! You have significantly improved the wording, style, and layout of the document. Thank you!
Posted By: Marcus
Microbiologist, California
Thanks you so much for taking 3 pages worth of information and creating a one page document! Did not know it could be done! Very concise yet captures the core components of my background. The cover letter is GREAT!
Posted By: Pamela
Executive Director, Georgia
This resume is impressive with excellent wording! It’s short and to the point, unlike the vacuous diatribe I put together. Now recruiters may actually take the time to read it. I did not know you could say so much more with so much less.
Posted By: David
Construction Manager, Texas
Thank you, Kayla, for the feedback and all of your hard-work. It looks great! … Thank you, again, for all of your expertise and professionalism. You have been a tremendous help in jump-starting my job hunt!
Posted By: Nyra
Attorney, Texas
Kayla, I just wanted to pass along a 'thank you'. I have recently accepted an offer for a new and exciting position. I am certain that the work you did on my resume and cover letter helped to get me in the door for the interview. Many thanks and much appreciation.
Posted By: Nate
Project Manager, Pennsylvania
How refreshing to see such a dramatic change to my resume and cover letter. What a "WONDERFUL" change, which is so right on time for me at the moment, such a great way to start my day. I am excited that this will be my future way of communication to potential employers, so thanks again.
Posted By: Kelly
Financial Services Manager, Maryland
We just saw the resume that you did, and all I can way is "WOW"! It looks really great, flows and is both easy on the eyes and to read. To be honest I was very nervous about it being one page long and did not at all think that it was going to work. Thank you for making it so much better!
Posted By: Kenrick
Director of IT, Florida
I’m just getting into these and I’m really excited. I wanted to reach out and say thanks tremendously. You’ve done (in a very short few hours) what I have struggled with for weeks!
Posted By: Jessica
CFO, North Carolina
Looks like a different person! Very nice job in recreating yourself. I would recommend no further revisions.
Posted By: VP of People
Fortune 500 Company (on a client's new resume)
Thank you so much for the Resume. It looks 1000x times better than what I could have done.
Posted By: Rayana
Human Resource Manager, Texas

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